A Monday Memoir: Wake Up. This Time Here is Short

What does the moment say? It whispers: wake up. This time here is short. The mistaken mind that says we have all the time in the world but life can leave at anytime. Take the opportunity that's been given to breathe and pay attention right now. We can plan and plot...

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Day 5: Runumentary- Taking Care of the Engine

Since I've been getting out there each chilly morning this week, I'm noticing beauty in the uncommon details such as the delicate frost resting on the greenery that still remains. It has opened me up to a liberating world, and was feeling inspired and grateful for...

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I’m Trying To Get Out of My Own Way

I was out a few nights ago running after an unexpected exchange with some co-workers who really set a fire under me to take a look at what's been holding my workouts back. I love to run, but the cold and dark has freaked me out, but why have I let the dark and cold...

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It’s Cold, It’s Dark and So What!

It's officially day two of running in the morning darkness. Precisely at 6:30am I stop all work,  get on my gear-- hat scarf, gloves and headlamp-- yes, a headlamp, which my friend Libby gave me last summer so I could continue knitting into the evening darkness while...

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