When it comes to fitting multiple activities into your morning routine, you can accomplish many things in the course of your day using the 15-minute mentality. Imagine you could only get three major things done, what will those be?

Use the 15-minute mentality!

Schedule It

If there are multiple things that you really want to do, then add them to a calendar. Maybe it seems funny to add personal activities to your schedule, but I see no reason NOT to since we have hectic day jobs. When we get home, we’re lucky if there’s three hours of solid time at night, and then three hours of solid time in the morning before work. If you identify this time, you may uncover 30 hours of time, Monday through Friday that you could CHOOSE to use any way that you want to.That’s a part-time job! Just imagine what you could get done.

No Excuses. After you schedule in a task. When that time is up, move on. If you find yourself still wanting to continue a particular activity, or find that 15 minutes for the task just doesn’t make sense, this is a great time to ask yourself– maybe I should simplify?

Calculate Your Available Time

Take a look at all of the things that you’d like to accomplish. Ask yourself the question– What kind of impact if any will this activity have on my day? Can I do this tomorrow instead? Is this an “A” task or “B” task. If it’s a B, there’s always tomorrow!

Try this little exercise:
  1. Write down how many waking hours you have available each day which are free and clear of the time you spend at your day or “street job.”
  2. List all the things you would like to accomplish in this time. Don’t hold yourself back, write down what you dream about too!
  3. Now go back and organize the list and designate as follows:
  • A Items: Absolutely Important
  • B Items: Important, but not crucial
  • C Items: Can wait — place on the “wish list”
  • D Items: Dump

Do you you plan your day in short time increments? What works for you? If there’s something you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you!