Maybe you’ve tried some meditation, or you avidly read books on the subject of mindfulness. These practices leave you with an incredible sense of inspiration, but I’m going to challenge you to take that a step further so you can REALLY keep that feeling going all day long. Reading a book or a quote isn’t enough. You are a work in progress and the mind needs exercise just like the body.

With effort, come all attainments.

I do believe the power in this statement. I guarantee that you will see a difference in your day; how you interact with your work colleagues, your family and even strangers. Cultivating this special practice allows you to literally “watch your mind.” You’ll  actually start to catch yourself when you’re about to react out of anger or impatience instead of subconsciously allowing these reactions to arise.

So How Does the Mindfulness Challenge Work?

Step #1:

Reflection Topic: Each day of the Challenge I will post a topic and discuss ways that you can generate a strong feeling in your mind and how it relates to your life.

Step #2:

Actual Reflection: I will provide “Action Cards” that you can either print out or view on screen. These cards all have a special task that you must complete each day. The task is designed to help you keep your daily determination The cards are used to help you stay on track and remind you about your intention all day long.

Step #3:

Daily Determination: After each reflection I will pose a question which you can ask yourself. This will serve as a reminder about the reflection so you can carry this throughout your day and to help renew your intention.

The Tools

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging! For starters, here are a few tools that that I love and use each day:

Evernote: Save and view your Action Cards right in this awesome app! I absolutely love Evernote and use it daily. As soon as a thought arises, you can make a note or record audio right on the spot! The beauty of this app is that it syncs, so if you take a note on your phone, you can view your notes on any desktop computer later because it’s totally web-based.

Insight Timer: This is a must-have app. You can download it here. You can get the free or paid version. If find this to be a perfect companion for my own personal practice. You can set any duration you want for reflection, and even make a little chime at the beginning and end of your session. You can also connect with others who may be engaging in meditation the same time you are.

Tips for Daily Success:

  • Keep the Action Cards handy: Bookmark your cards so you can easily refer to them. This website is created using a “Responsive Design” which means you can view these pages on any device and the pages adjust accordingly.
  • Create reminders: Set an alarm on your phone every couple of hours to remind you of your daily intention.
  • Remove distractions: Set aside time that makes the most sense. Early morning before anyone is awake, or in the evening after the kids are in bed.
  • Prepare in advance: If you plan on engaging in your practice first thing in the morning before work, make sure you have everything ready for your day ahead so you can reduce the time needed to get ready. Check out the Morning Launch to see how I do it.

The Benefits

Here’s my short list which might convince you to get moving on the mindfulness train.

You will experience:

  • more happiness
  • more concentration
  • more patience
  • more contentment

As you move through this practice, it will get easier– I promise. Just hang tight for the first few days. It takes time and effort to build a good habit! It just does not happen by osmosis. You’ve got to work it!

Cultivating mindfulness is a journey, which I believe lasts a lifetime and it can be a joyful one if you open up your mind and  heart!

Click here to experience each of the 21 daily reflections for yourself!