Awaken to Abundance and Witness Tiny Miracles

If you feel stuck and have been in a habitual poor me mindset, awaken to abundance and you’ll quickly snap you out of your funk. Gratitude is a habit that you can learn just like any other habit. Even if you have to fake it a little in the beginning, that’s actually OK. Our minds are pretty amazing, because the more you do this each day, the more this works and you will see life from an abundant place. You’ll start to notice those little things like a pretty flower or a tree that you never saw before, yet you pass by each day.

Here’s a short list for things I’m grateful for today:

  1. witnessing the sunrise
  2. smell of brewing coffee in the morning
  3. dew on the grass
  4. sunlight
  5. good health
  6. taking a deep breath
  7. my loving family
  8. hugs and kisses
  9. putting on my slippers
  10. nowhere to go on a rainy day
  11. a smile from a stranger
  12. a warm breeze
  13. lots of yarn and some good knitting needles
  14. a comforting cup of tea in the evening
  15. contentment
  16. sitting still
  17. running in the early morning
  18. singing at the top of my lungs
  19. dancing
  20. to live another day
  21. the sunset

Now, Your Turn–Today I’m Grateful For…

Take things a bit further, and use this action card, created for the 21 Days to Mindfulness Challenge, which you can find learn more about here.
21 Days to Mindfulness Day 6 Action Card: Operate from Abundance Not Scarcity!
[click image to view larger]