Life is Like a Rainbow

Think of a rainbow– you can see it, but as soon as you try to find it, it disappears. If you examine your life, maybe it’s kind of like this rainbow. Our bodies are a great way to examine this. We grasp at finding that perfect body weight. We gain a few pounds, and that perfect body is gone, then we struggle like crazy to get it back. When we have it, we work really hard to keep it. We think it’s a permanent, fixed body so we keep running after it. It hangs out for awhile, but when it decides to leave, we have to be OK with that too because this is the very nature of our existence.

Life is Like Sitting on a Pin

Life is like a pin–no matter how hard we try to adjust, you can’t get completely comfortable. We experience this in the form of small annoyances such as sitting in traffic, to dealing with great discomforts such as loss of a job or loved one. These are facts of life that are unavoidable, and even if we get this intellectually but still continue to resist, it just means this reality has not yet touched our hearts.

Life is Impermanent

Once we really get that life is just going to continue to be filled with discomforts, and they will never stop, we can begin to look at those things a little bit differently. So you can’t wear those skinny pants today. It’s much better to suck it up, pull up the the fat girl pants and smile, instead of ruminating over where the heck those five extra pounds came from. Could the very fact that our bodies fluctuate from day to day be a little teaching that life is impermanent? Is it possible that if you struggle with this in your own life that maybe this isn’t an obstacle at all, but an opportunity to practice patient acceptance?

Everyday, there’s something coming–gray hairs, poor eyesight, fatigue, illness. We know these are a part of life, but we still resist and wish for their immediate dismissal. Eating more organic foods and doing yoga will make our quality life better, but it still does not eliminate the truth that our bodies and our lives are impermanent and we have to leave them behind at some point.

Find the Middle Way

Cultivate a mind of equanimity towards everything, and stop placing things in the “good” or the “bad” bucket. “This too shall pass” should be applied not only to when your conditions are less than perfect. You should think of this even when times are good. This is a mind of equanimity– the middle way. When we are open to the fact that life is impermanent, the more we can be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Appreciate life's fleeting moments

The beautiful morning sky that I was witness too while out for a morning run. Just moments later, it was gone.

This too shall pass!

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