The Only Power We Have is In the Present 

Do you ever think so far ahead into your day about what might happen? We have no power to make any change in that future or past “thing” because it’s not happening right now. Sure, planning ahead is good, but allowing in emotions and assumptions about the things on the To Do List…not so good. Forming assumptions about the “stuff” is unnecessarily creating thoughts and feelings that are not reality. We can only create change in this very moment. We have the ability to change our mind right now, so why are we living somewhere else?

Dwelling on anything that is not NOW, opens us up for the potential to feel a series of emotions that have nothing to do with reality. These can range from worry, fear, anxiousness, guilt, etc. How can an event that already occurred, or an event in the future have an effect on our mind unless we allow it?

Creating more happiness  starts with focusing on the present moment. This is the “perfect” moment and it’s happening right before our eyes!

Here’s a little exercise that I like to do from time to time because it really helps me identify those moments when I’m not present. I find that this little tool can provide some interesting insight. You need just two supplies to get started: a small journal and a pen.

Now, follow these 5 steps:

#1 Try to be on guard today, and see if you can catch yourself whenever you start thinking about something other than the present moment.

#2 After you caught yourself, how do you feel? Are you tense, uptight, sad, anxious? Write those feelings down in your journal.

#3 Now, think about what’s actually happening right now. Write that down too.

#4 For the next minute, close your eyes and watch your in breath and out breath. Count one for an inhale, then two for the exhale. Repeat this until you reach six, ending with an exhale. If you lose count, start over. The goal is to maintain complete concentration on your breath.

#5 Get your notebook and write down how you feel about staying focused in the present moment. It feels pretty darned good, huh?

If you can find the time to do this short little exercise throughout the day, I guarantee that you’ll have the ability to place your focus back on the present moment. The only way to know is to give it a try!