My Monday through Friday morning routine is now going through some “winter refinements” because unfortunately it’s dark at 6:30am. Now that the cold weather is seriously a reality, watching the sunrise during my morning run is temporarily a thing of the past. I’ve moved my running time back a bit to around 6:50. For safety, instead of riding my bike, I drive to the high school track. Yes, it’s still dark, but at least I can see those white lines and numbers and I’m not running in a desolate area.

 Everything is figureoutable

Marie Forleo 

Not exactly correct grammar, but Marie’s a jersey girl like me, so…it works. If you’re willing to be flexible in changing up your morning routine, then you will find it easy to keep getting out there all year long. We can do this!

If you need a little motivation to get yourself out there, change things up. Buy some new pieces for your workout wardrobe, or download a new app to keep you accountable. I just found RunKeeper, which allows you to track your runs, take notes in a diary and share with others. There are many other apps out there to choose from, but I like this one because it offers more options such as the ability to train for a 5k or a half marathon and she talks to you! When I’m on a tight schedule in the morning, I don’t want my groove interrupted by having to look at the time. If you’re new to running, this program is a perfect way to start because it offers a beginner’s program too. It’s worth a look!