Coffee Tawk

coffee tawk

Funny that today, my husband and I purchased a swanky new coffee maker and I also began my bi-annual detox that I commit to for a total of fourteen days. The mind/body benefits are tremendous and I always drop about five pounds in the process, so this morning I thought why not jump in with both feet and give it a go. Today’s the end of Day 1 and so far, so good– no caffeine withdrawal headaches. (yet)


Take a Hard Look at Your Garbage

A world exists only for a mind that perceives it.


While studying German Philosopher Immanuel Kant back in a college philosophy class, I was introduced to the concept that our world is created by our minds, and what we perceive is a direct reflection of that. As a revolutionary thinker of his time, Kant argued that our experiences are in fact structured by our minds.


Happiness is Not Something to Be Found, it’s Something to BE

Forget the self-help books and the obsessive ways that you continually try to “fix” yourself. Stop being so consumed with thinking you are flawed and that you constantly have to make things right.

Happiness is not something you need to get a hold of. It’s already there for the taking. Listen to the whisper of your internal subtle wisdom: Happiness is Not Something to Be Found, it’s Something to Be.

London Cutting a shape

Let’s explore these six quick ways to let happiness begin to manifest in your life: