Not too long ago, I conducted and took part in a daily mindfulness challenge. Each day, I encouraged you (and myself) to reflect on topics such as: patience, finding contentment even during turbulent times, being OK when things don’t go your way, learning to let go and more. Now you have the ability to easily continue using these reflections each day, or jump in for the first time. Each meditation is listed below along with reflection cards that you can easily print or view from any digital device. You can start from Day 1, or choose the reflection that resonates with you on a particular day.

*Reflect, Repeat from *

To effectively use these meditations, I encourage you to repeat this 21-day cycle again and again. As you do this, you’ll begin to see your mind become more centered, more connected to the present moment, and less concerned with your own worries. Amazingly, you’ll find yourself thinking of others more and more.

A daily practice is a gift that you can give yourself and to others through your actions and simply by just having a happy mind. Engaging in a mindfulness practice each day is not selfish. YOU deserve this special time for yourself!

Day 1: The Promise–Committing to a Daily Practice

Day 2: Our Precious Life – Learn How to Use it Wisely!

Day 3: Patient Acceptance — Being OK When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Day 4: You Become What You Think– You See It Because You Believe It

Day 5: Remove the Excuses– What’s Holding You Back?

Day 6: Awaken to Abundance, Not Scarcity 

Day 7: The Perfection of the Present Moment

Day 8: Going for Refuge

Day 9: Let Go of Your Grip – Allow the Universe to Guide You!

Day 10: Using your Daily Problems as the Path to Freedom

Day 11: Begin with the End in Mind

Day 12: The Gift of Great Compassion

Day 13: Zip Your Lip and Unravel Your Pride

Day 14: What if Today was Your Last?

Day 15: Cultivate Not Knowing

Day 16: How to Create a Life Filled with Abundance

Day 17: Feel Fabulous in Just 21 Minutes

Day 18: The Time to Practice is NOW

Day 19: Getting Things Done

Day 20: This Too Shall Pass

Day 21: Tiny Teachers, Tiny Miracles