coffee tawk

Funny that today, my husband and I purchased a swanky new coffee maker and I also began my bi-annual detox that I commit to for a total of fourteen days. The mind/body benefits are tremendous and I always drop about five pounds in the process, so this morning I thought why not jump in with both feet and give it a go. Today’s the end of Day 1 and so far, so good– no caffeine withdrawal headaches. (yet)

It’s not easy letting go of my cozy cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but this begs the BIG question: What am I really resisting?

After the first week of my detox, I begin to discover a sense of “evenness.” I don’t seem to react to the ups and downs that occur each day. I equate this to the fact that I no longer have caffeine surging through my veins. Just one cup of coffee can remain in the blood stream for about six hours. Just sayin’


I have found that when I completely eliminate caffeine, (and that means no decaf anything either) I experience a noticeable difference both mentally and physically within days. Getting over the 24-hour hump can be tough, so I try to be gentle with myself and look for comfort in other ways. I make sure I’m psychologically ready and I usually wait until the weekend to kick things off. I also feed my mind with positive reading materials on the benefits of detoxification, reflecting on the many reasons to quit coffee for good, and looking for alternatives to help me through.

Since I know that  giving up caffeine is my the biggest challenge, I totally indulge on purchases such as exotic teas and coffee alternatives. I don’t mind splurging either, because these are the little things that help keep me motivated.


My main go-to is Teeccino. I just found a new flavor: Dandelion Caramel Nut, which I totally love, because the slightly nutty flavor reminds me of a good Colombian coffee.  I actually use two “tee” bags instead of one for a heartier experience. In place of creamer, I use unsweetened almond milk. If I’m looking for a little sweetness, I’ll add a dash of Stevia or herbal sweetner, which I recommend you purchase at a health store like Wholefoods because they offer many options. I also like to add a sprinkle of cinnamon for a little extra kick.

If you’re thinking of starting a detox of your own, keep on following along because I’ll share my eating plan and tips and tricks for how I stay on track. If your goal is to kick caffeine, or at least give your body a break, then check out this useful resource. You may also be interested in Caffeine Blues, an eye-opening book that addresses the dangers of America’s #1 drug.