On my amazing detox journey, I’m grateful for the ability to have the patience to be fully present during this experience instead of counting down the days until I can enjoy coffee once again. This time, it’s different. I can’t quite put the feeling into words, other than to say that I’m content. There’s no grasping or clinging, and I’m open to each moment as it unfolds in a patient, mindful way.

I’m learning to relish in the preparation of my food, and I’ve become more mindful with every bite. Instead of tracking and calorie counting and hoping to save calories for later, I’m paying attention to how I feel. That’s all I need to track.

I’m having fun experimenting in the kitchen and spending time enjoying new taste discoveries. Drinking my evening tea is like a sacred ritual. I’m in awe of the amazing wisdom that our bodies possess; they know how to immediately repair, and we become a living and walking example of our efforts.


A detox is:

a clean-eating program, consisting of nutritious whole foods

going to help give you more energy and focus

going to remove toxins from your body

going to make you come alive

 A detox is not:

a magic bullet

a quick fix

about mixing potions or powders

a fasting program

In a few days, I’ll share the detox program that I’ve used for years and helped others use as well. There’s so much conflicting information out there, but my philosophy is pretty straight forward– a true detox is all about clean, real whole foods such as vegetables, fruit, legumes, healthy protein and fat, whole grains and fiber. In a nutshell– no dairy, no sugar, no salt, no alcohol, no caffeine, no white flour, no red meat and no processed foods.

My knowledge is derived from my education in clinical nutrition, as well as refinements I’ve made over the years based on new information, and ways to have fun in the kitchen to make this process delicious!

We’re so used to eating sugary, fat-laden foods that our taste buds have become so dull. When we remove these “heavy” foods from our diet, we are more sensitive to the subtle flavors in foods without additional salt, flavorings, or additives.

Staring a detox requires a little preparation and leg work– a slight shift in your thinking and trip to the health food store will get you moving, but you also need to resolve to the fact that you will be doing something amazing for your well-being. What a great gift you can will be giving yourself and those that love you!

Once you’re ready to go all in, you’ll realize the benefits pretty quickly. I’m the biggest cheerleader for the program, because I know it totally works!