Are you consumed with chasing dreams that your forget what’s right here now? Without realizing it, I catch myself thinking so far into the future, that my present life loses balance. I discover a pattern of discomfort because I can get so caught up in the “dream.” Anything that is not part of that “dream” (which is now) is considered less important and does not get proper attention.

Be here now. You can ONLY take action in the present.

If I can be fully present and embrace all the good, bad and downright ugly, I’ll be better off and so will everyone around me. I’ll be less grumpy, because living in the present is reality. The only moment that really exists is NOW.

Cultivate not knowing.

Truly operating from this place it’s easy to see the shift. Just take a look at all your struggle; the frustration, the confusion, the anger and so on about thinking or planning about that fictions later thing almost like you can taste it. It’s almost like forbidden fruit and the idea of it all is so delicious. It’s the place where everything is happy and perfect all the time. When you release your need for an outcome and cultivate not knowing, then this is when the freedom begins. We can operate from a place of expansion and real action because only in the present can you make things happen moment by moment. The future is a stagnant concoction of our minds where no action is possible.

I’m not saying we should not dream, but we need to put that dream into perspective if it makes us forget the people and events happening around us that need our kind attention today.