I used to think that the ideal morning was a solid, set thing, and that  I would do they same thing day in and day out, season after season. I’ve come to the conclusion, that this doesn’t always work and what really allows for an ideal morning is the willingness to be flexible.

Instead of defining my morning routine as a solid, fixed thing that can never change, I set the stage the night before. I paint the picture for the next day. However, the trick is getting out of my delightfully cozy bed. I will say however, that there is one special ingredient that makes for an ideal morning, and that is– getting up early and fighting the strong pull of wanting to stay nuzzled under the covers. If find that I need to create the incentive to get up. I need something exciting to look forward to that will make me want to spring out of bed. So maybe tonight, figure out what would make you want to jump out of bed tomorrow morning and set your intention before you go to sleep.

Whatever happens after that alarm clock goes off, is up to me. Once I’m up, my brain starts churning and ideas begin to brew. (along with an amazing cup of coffee) Why would I want to miss out on this special time?

If I sleep in and get up with only enough time to shower and head to work, some funky things happen–

I don’t feel ready to start my day with a clear and focused mind.

I feel a hurried.

I’m cranky.

I didn’t take care of me first.

Sound familiar?

Finding little pockets of time.

I don’t like when this happens, because for the remainder of my work day I tend to feel a little jipped because I didn’t give myself this time.

Really, if you think about it, you only have to deal with about five uncomfortable minutes after you propel yourself up and out of bed to get to the point of being fully awake.

There’s something so magical about the first few hours of the day because the mind that is clear and free from all distraction. It’s like finding a special treasure, a fertile little pocket of time, which is unlike the rest of the day when the rest of the world wakes up and demands your attention.

Back to that ideal morning concept– so like I said, depending on the day or even the season, the ideal morning can vary. In the summer the sun rises earlier and of course it’s warmer, making it much easier to fight inertia. Morning workouts are much more inciting as well. In winter, it’s darker longer and bitter cold temps make it harder to find inspiration that outweighs the desire to stay in bed, so I realized that I had to change my tactics.

If you need a really strong pull to get out of bed, try this the night before. (It works like a charm)

  1. Place your alarm clock in another room so you have no choice but to get up and turn it off. Snooze button, not optional.
  2. Set the automatic timer on your coffee so it’s ready by the time you get up. (How could you get back under the covers and allow a perfectly amazing cup of coffee go to waste?)

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