The weekends are precious, and time is limited. My goals are always lofty. Honestly, I’m all over the place.

They usually include the following, but not necessarily in this order: knitting, dreaming up new project ideas, exercise, cooking extravaganzas and home improvement projects. Oh, and quality family time too. 

Is there a magic formula to getting it all done?

I scheme and think that if I find the right routine, that somehow it will all get done. I fall short because I plan too much. Instead of ten things, why not just start with three? Why is it that my habitual nature tricks me into believing that if I just keep trying, I’ll find the “magic formula” for getting it all done? I will never find that formula, and the times when I get little “glimpses” of acceptance are those ah-ha moment that lift the weight of always striving and trying.  

Essentially, we always have a choice don’t we? Scaling down can make life sweeter, simpler. Experience reveals this truth. However, the paradox still exists and my delusions trick me into thinking there is yet another way, another angle I haven’t tried yet. It’s that little devil on my shoulder that tries to grip and control the outcome.

Surrender to being OK with less.

Just sitting still and doing that one thing is the key to daily contentment. This past weekend I plugged into a few favorite podcasts, and started knitting. It was sublime. Less can be MORE.

My hands, bubby's hands. Yarn + knitting = love.

My hands, bubby’s hands. Yarn + knitting = love.

I didn’t make the roasted chickpeas, or that fabulous roasted jicama that I was on yesterday’s list. Then, or course there was that homemade gnocchi too. No worries. Maybe today, maybe not. I could choose to get uptight and cranky about not having the time, but instead I choose surrender and acceptance. The two teachers that whisper — let go girlfriend. Mario Batali, can wait!

Cookbook shelf.

Creating gives birth to ideas that define our world. It’s what gives me breath.

Crafty with bottles

For just a few hours, my son and I put aside the digital devices to cut things out, play with finger paint, dream up paper animals and make yarn-bombed bottles. Connecting to the authentic side of creating with our hands, and sharing this time together is essential. 

Forget the clock. Get lost in the moment.

Just for today.

Do you just wing it on the weekend, or do you set ground rules for what happens on Saturday and Sunday? Do you cook, craft, or focus strictly on family? What will you do to make this weekend authentic?