Lately, I’m all about remixing, reimagining. Living life more purposefully, and getting back to a craft that I put aside for several years, which is the medium of collage. I first discovered this art form in college in a very academic way, but later put my own stamp on it while living in Paris as a college student. The backdrop of this amazing city, was the perfect backdrop to unleash this passion, and I did with abandon. More about that here.

Nowadays, I’m rediscovering collage with my newly-purchased journal and set of Caran D’ache pencils, which was my go-to medium back in the day. I’m slowly resurrecting my old friends– oil crayons and paint to help me pave this new creative path.

Last night, right before I was about to begin the usual ritual of — getting my clothes set out for work, prepping my meals for the next day, and setting the coffee pot timer for this morning, I decided to be a little spontaneous instead.

I  grabbed some yarn and a few other found objects that looked interesting and started snapping away. It was Androidography at it’s finest. I got so lost in the moment. I just love the way the light hits the yarn late in the day, just as the sun begins to set. I adds that extra-special sweetness to the way the light delicately touches the surface of the fibers.

Once I was satisfied, I headed inside and played around with editing my photos, and then proceeded to print out a variety of sizes that would fit nicely on a two-page spread of my new journal. I began cutting, ripping, and positioning until each piece felt just right.

Instantly shooting photos, editing and printing is a dream come true that wasn’t available back in my college days. I can recall hours that seemed endless, spent in dark rooms or visits to a copy shop just get just one photo right. Now, it takes a matter of minutes and no nasty dark room chemicals.  I can point, shoot, position, re-shoot, re-edit in a moment’s notice, all from my backyard.