In this art journal, I depict my life as a college student, living in Paris, France, in 1990. This was the first of a series of visual journals that I created during the same period of time. The idea was born from the desire to create in order to capture the essence of every day life through the medium of collage.

When I first discovered collage, I was an illustration major at Parsons School of Design. I was a pretty typical art student on a commercial design career path. I wanted to work as an illustrator, but up to this point, I hadn’t found my voice. I sketched, painted, but the fire wasn’t there. After discovering collage, I knew this was it. I wanted to tell my story through this medium.

The idea of “foraging” each day for found objects was like being on an adventure that made each day epic. I was living on purpose and truly experiencing each moment. Through collage, I came to realize that I’m a collector of things, and my mission is to share what I find.

Maybe it was through the pains of mundane every day life that sparked this desire to create in this way. For years these little books sat in a dark box, but I always knew there was something special about them, and someday I would somehow come back to them. They became little reminders, whispering “open me up, I have more stories to tell and gifts to share.”