It seems that each time I go through Chicago O’Hare Airport, I’m always drawn to purchasing a new journal of some kind. This time, a cute little Moleskine caught my eye.

What excites me the most is its small size, making it the perfect book for a “collage-a-day,” or perhaps a two minute on-the-go “memoir.”  I have always been drawn to small-scale books like this, because they contain a precious life of their own that’s so sweet and precious.

So of course I jumped right in because I didn’t need too much space, or many supplies. Have glue stick, will travel!

Now, here’s what I like the best– the tiny back pocket, which I have officially coined the “foraging folder.” This will be where I’ll store the little findings that I discover throughout the day. Perhaps it’s a wrapper, a ticket, whatever. What a sweet little pocket to tuck away those little somethings.

I absolutely love the Moleskine philosophy.  I can see why people go ga ga over these little books.

I should have picked up a dozen. Guess I’ll just have to wait for my next trip through O’Hare.