When it comes to listening to podcasts, I’ve come to conclusion that I’m simply addicted. I listen every chance I get. I’m plugged in while I knit, while I’m cooking dinner, and most especially when I’m out for a run. Today, I was listening to the James Altucher Show, with Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist. This interview seriously resonated with me, especially when he said to –“Put yourself all out there, so there’s room to create more.” Brilliant and so true.

I talk about this even more in depth, in this five-minute snippet, recorded during a cool down after today’s run. (Excuse the heavy breathing and background noise) Have a listen here:

Getting out of the closet.

In my little rant, I go into how the interview prompted me to reflect on the parts of my own life that I’ve tried to place in neat little boxes, which were actually a little messy inside.  I tried to wear different hats and assume a certain persona, but I wasn’t happy. I literally felt as if I was in the closet about my true intentions for how I wanted to express myself creatively.

What is your WHY?

The real confidence came when I found my “why” as Simon Sinek suggests we uncover. You must check out his TED talk, which is one of the most watched.  My why is not your why.  Block out the noise, and go inside. That’s the place you’ll figure it out. At least that’s how it happened for me.

Knitting as performing art?

As silly as this may seem, write down all the things that would make you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Go totally free form without restrictions. Knitting as performing art? Why not, and yes, this exists.  Several years ago, I thought how cool and a little crazy something like that would be, so I dismissed it. Then, sure enough I read about that daring person that followed their vision and made it happen. Never say never. Don’t dismiss the possibilities. If you think it can’t be done, someone else will probably figure it out.

Carving out time.

Do you want to write your memoir or manifesto? All you really need is to carve out time. Maybe it’s thirty, or even ten minutes a day if that’s all you’ve got. If you haven’t done it yet, ask yourself why. Maybe the “thing” that you really desire to express is already there? It could be something you do all the time. Something so natural to you. Learn to look for those patterns.

Investigate and keep on digging, because I’m a big believer that the answers come, even though you can’t see the full staircase now.  All you need is the faith that you will at some point. A little thing that helps me, is to remember and hold near those experiences that I may have been confused about at first, but later found a resolution. Call it a little realization or “ah-ha” moment, but it’s these experiences that ignite the courage to keep pressing on to discover and express your truest intentions.