Let go of your grip!

Today’s Challenge topic for the Create Something Every Challenge is about letting go in both the creative sense, but also of your expectations. Decide today to allow yourself to remain open, and explore something called “a beginner’s mind.” Why not take a chance today and see what might happen if you explore a new medium? 

I’ve been really excited about diving into some  new territory, but I’m still a little like a fish out of water and my tendency is to stick with what I know best– knitting. However, I’ve been enjoying the new world I found by creating free-form collages in my mini moleskin.

Going into unknown places with no real objective,  has been both liberating and a little scary too because it is the complete opposite of my usual approach to design, which is black and white and has a clean-cut end destination, as with the case of designing a knitting pattern.



This way of free-from expression is the training ground for learning and making a few mistakes, but why not look at them as “experiments” instead?

Experiments don’t always pan out, but the only way to know is to try. Holding back because we’re afraid of making a mistake is a human condition that we all suffer from. Funny, isn’t it? We run so fast in the opposite direction so we don’t make a mistake, and and cause resistance in the process.

Life can actually be a little sweeter if we we’re able to let go of our pride and venture into those scary places from time to time and ask ourselves the question– what am I really afraid of?

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few.” 
― Shunryu Suzuki

Think of the analogy of a holding a coin: Do you see that if you hold it with your hand facing to the sky, it’s pretty effortless? You don’t even have to make a fist to clutch it. You can allow it to remain in your hand–but you have no grip on it. Now, turn you hand so your palm faces the ground. This is quite different because now you have to hold a fist to grasp the coin, or it will quickly fall out of your hand.

By turning our hand up, the coin is free– we are free. No grasping, no gripping.


*commit, create. Rep from *

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