As I wind down from each previous day’s Challenge topic, I let the next one begin to marinate and try to find examples in my day to use as nuggets of wisdom, and lately lots of nuggets have been showing up in my life.

Today’s topic is about doing that scary thing creatively, which can expose some veins and vulnerabilities. Oh, how we love our little safety zones, don’t we? It initially feels so good to be safe, nice and comfy. When the ground falls from beneath us and we lose the safety net, it can be both uncomfortable and liberating at the same time.



But ask yourself the question– is there something valuable I’m missing if I don’t do that ONE thing that I know will have an impact in my life right now?

Without hesitation, I can say YES because as soon as I get too comfortable, I begin to can see patterns of resistance.

I personally associate the idea of something scary as risky and that by doing that “thing,” it will inevitably lead me to making a mistake. My habitual tendency is to view mistakes as black and white, good or bad and something that must be avoided at all costs.

It’s the fear of being criticized for our actions and it’s the side of us that’s not OK with that because it will expose a fatal flaw. “What will others think of me?” is the resounding thought that we share, but why do we care so much? I aspire to be among the few who do not!

What lessons that can be learned by taking an uninhibited risk in our work and view the possibility of making a mistake as favorable? How can we use them as a way to propel growth? It can be especially difficult when someone else points them out–someone who has our best interests in mind. We are given a moment to step back instead of react, and view the situation from their perspective, but this can be one of the hardest things to do.

Mistakes can be clues about how you’re showing up in the world each day.

Do certain things show up often in your life? Can you see a pattern? If so, this might be a clue about how you’re showing up in the world each day.

The answers are not always obvious or easy.

I personally believe that if we are able to identify, then we have the power to change the pattern. If we mess up, we mess up. The trick is to keep a positive and happy mind, move on and not become reactive…or else that THING we don’t want will keep on showing up.

I try to remember that mistakes are not road blocks. They are opportunities. They can be clues that something is a little or a lot off, and that maybe there’s some learning that needs to be done. There are amazing chunks of wisdom that we can collect if we’re willing to take an honest look.

Now ask yourself this question that you can carry with you today and keep top-of-mind when you pick up your knitting needles, pen or paintbrush:  How can doing ONE scary thing be translated into how I show up in the world today through my creative expression?  

The Morning Cool Down – Daily Inspiration
Today’s episode: “Go Ahead, Make a Mistake Today.”


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