How the heck did I miss that yarn over? 

What you see below, is sadly, a distant memory. Ripped back because of a missed stitch on one of the foundation rows. In that moment of discovery, all of my warm and fuzzy knitting feelings were scattered to the wind. My happy moment gone. All I could feel was frustration and the thought of having to count my cast on stitches again made me fee quite impatient.

This activity that gives me so much pleasure, can also the source of pain. So what does this show me? It teaches me that the object [knitting] is not the primary cause.  It’s how [I react] to the object because of this way of thinking– why is THIS PATTERN giving me a headache? Flipped around– why am I allowing this pattern to give me a headache? The poor pattern did nothing.  On it’s own, it’s totally neutral. It’s neither good, nor bad.

The object is secondary. The thought, feeling and emotion, primary. It all starts in this crazy thing called the mind.

I’m still starting at the empty needle without fresh new stitches, but I think today will be the day to push through. Wish me luck!