It’s another Monday morning and I’m not feeling the best. In fact, a hacking cough has been keeping me from getting a good night sleep, including my entire family. As a result, I haven’t been getting quality sleep over the past several nights. My alarm sounded at 4:30am. Instead of getting up immediately, I stayed in bed. Once again, the thought of getting up hurt.

I just couldn’t bear the idea of going to that cycle class that I told myself the night before I would go to. I made it really easy on myself too– the workout clothes are folded on my dresser, ready for me to put them on and go. No fumbling around in the dark, trying to find my sneakers.

The thought of sitting on a boring bike in a brightly lit room going nowhere just doesn’t thrill me. Maybe it’s a combination of things– the instructor’s style doesn’t quite resonate with me, and quite honestly, I’m missing the idea of running outside. I can’t seem to accept the darkness. Once again, it’s that time of year where I feel like a fish out of water. My husband says to suck it up, wear my headlamp and get outside, but the idea of running in the darkness scares the dickens out of me.

So instead, I’m here writing, and actually loving every second of it. I’m totally on fire, so why not go with what feels good first? I talk about this on this episode of the Morning Cool Down. Why not go with what feels so right and on purpose instead of taking the masochistic route first thing?

It’s Monday, it’s OK to take the comfort route from time to time or else maybe a little burn out can creep in. It’s a tricky balance though isn’t it? Especially when you have that day job and time is limited to do those things that launch your day— the exercise, spiritual and other personal pursuits.

Sometimes forcing yourself to do something whether you like it or not is also a good method, and forming good habits overtime is important, especially if you are big on procrastination. However, for all you masochists out there it may be necessary to take a healthy step back and allow yourself to indulge in those impulses that really make you excited to jump out of bed on a particular morning.

I also decided that today I would just write for the sake of writing and press publish– no fancy graphics or photos, just pure words on a page.

Maybe it’s 15 minutes of writing in a hand written journal? Whatever that motivator is that gets you excited to physically get out of bed, could it be that this is a reminder to yourself that this is what your very soul needs and yearns for? Maybe this is not such a radical concept.

Now that I’m fully awake and feel energized by writing this post, I may just take my husband’s advice and get out there. I’m not sure about the the headlamp thing, but I’m ready to make my Monday magnificent.