I was out a few nights ago running after an unexpected exchange with some co-workers who really set a fire under me to take a look at what’s been holding my workouts back.

I love to run, but the cold and dark has freaked me out, but why have I let the dark and cold keeping me from doing what I love? Running has become like my pulse and an inspiration for the Morning Cool Down podcast. By allowing the weather to have an influence over my workouts has made me remain in this limbo over the past few months. It’s time to get out of my own way!

In this recording, I talk about the moment when I asked my co-worker: “Have your workouts changed because of the weather?” He response: “no, in fact it inspires me even more.” Then he proceeded to go into his office and grab the light he uses when he runs in the dark. That was it– the green light! So, I got out my “green light,” and wrapped it around my wrist and headed out into the evening darkness.

Since this recording, I’ve been gearing up each morning, and so far I’m on day 2 and counting!