Sure, I need to add a few more layers each morning, but that in itself if where the challenge lies. Yes, it was nice to run all summer long and enjoy the most amazing conditions, but when those pass away I can look back and appreciate them while they lasted. This in itself is a great practice on letting go and allowing what IS.

The words uttered by one of my co-workers, “the colder it is, the more inspired I am to run,” fuels me even more this morning. It’s colder, but that will not beat me. This will empower me to keep going and add that extra level of determination.

I’ve made the wise decision to spend about 15 minutes before I head out doing a yoga routine which involves hip openers and runner’s lunges as a way to get my lower body warmed up. I tend to have extremely tight hips, and have had some sciatica over the years come and go. Over this past weekend, I felt that familiar slight discomfort running down the length of my right thigh. Not fun and I don’t want to see the sciatica come back.

Here’s a little video I recorded yesterday after my run. I just talk a little about my experience and how I’ve decided to be committed this way all winter long. Running each morning has been a big source of inspiration for me and a great “conduit for creativity.”

Getting out there and connecting with movement, becomes a meditation in itself.

Someday this will be gone. I will not have the gift to use my physical body to connect to this source and feeling of peace and well-being. I don’t want to waste this precious time that’s like a flash of lightning.

When I’m out there, I know it’s right where I need to be. The world stands still just for this little pocket of time that seems as if it was created just for me.

Going to “my edge” in this way makes me realize that I can go even further, and that I actually haven’t even hit that edge. This realization is freeing and makes me feel more expansive.