Since I’ve been getting out there each chilly morning this week, I’m noticing beauty in the uncommon details such as the delicate frost resting on the greenery that still remains. It has opened me up to a liberating world, and was feeling inspired and grateful for this experience, so I jumped in at the end of my run and and created this short recording:

Taring down the self-limiting beliefs about the dark and cold has been liberating. Connecting with my breath and physical”ness” in this way is a reminder that I’m alive, and at the same time shows me how my life and physical existence will also pass quickly. Complacency and lazy excuses about the dark and the cold only serve to hold me back. Regret will not become part of my experience.

I’m not getting out there because of any “I should” reasons, or out of the guilt that often comes with not spending time in physcial activity. The shift and change in mindset needs to go into a deeper place– it needs to go to a level that is not about us, but more about honoring those we love and care about so we can be healthy and productive. It’s also about taking care of “the engine.”