I want to share something pretty cool with you. It’s called: The 6-Step Blueprint to Craft a Holistically Happy Life. I really wanted to make this special, so I dug deep and asked myself the BIG question: What can I create that will add value and make the lives of others a little happier and easier?

The 3-Pronged Approach

So, with some soul-searching and pouring through old notes and journals, I came up with an 11-page guide which explores something I call the “3-Pronged Approach,” where I show you how to apply strategies that relate to body, mind and creativity. When these work together in tandem, they lead to a more harmonious life. If you’re ready to check this out, you can get a copy here.

6 Steps to a Holistically Happy Life

The 6-Step process takes into account the 3-Pronged Approach of: Body, Mind and Creativity. Each of these areas falls into one or more of these categories.

The BODY Blueprint

  • Step 1 Preparation – set the stage for success- stock the fridge, dice and slice so you can eat and go!
  • Step 2 Eat Closer to Nature – customize your meal strategy with my handy “pie chart” system.
  • Step 3 Mindful Meals in Minutes – grab some tricks for maximizing your time in the kitchen and make healthy (and delicious) meals in record time.
  • Step 4 The Metric of Movement – I will show you how to get creative with your workouts with my mini circuit challenge!

The MIND Blueprint

  • Step 5 It’s All in the Mind – use the breathing meditation and inspirational tips provided to tailor your very own stillness practice.

The CREATIVITY Blueprint

  • Step 6 Journal & Visualize – journal writing is a powerful tool. Collect your own “personal data” about what worked and what didn’t. Also learn the art of creating a visual journal.

Grab Your Blueprint Here!

My journey actually started many years ago when I was just 13. Once I hit puberty, I suddenly found myself to be 50 pounds overweight. I struggled in silence, diet after diet. I used to buy into the limiting thought: “I’m one of the unlucky ones … Sorry kid, no fries for you.” I was teased relentlessly and I was a hot mess. I was on the verge of becoming a diabetic and suffered from constant stomach spasms which stemmed from the stress of constantly being teased. 

Me, in the middle, circa 1983

Me, in the middle, circa 1983.

I eventually set off on a mission to reclaim my power and wisdom that was mine for the taking. During my high school and college years I began eating up all I could on the subject of health and wellness, which sparked a career in the fitness world and certification in holistic nutrition in 2002, which led to a successful coaching practice.

When I look back, I can see how all the pain turned to beauty, and those boys who teased me were my biggest teachers. I’m thankful for learning lessons so early in life because they propelled me on a path that I’ve been traveling for years, and still travel today.

My Blueprint is my way of paying forward all that I’ve gained so that I can share it with you. Creating changes is not always easy. It takes work but it can be fun, it can be creative and you can rely on your own wisdom instead of counting calories and points and learn to become a “food adventurer.”

My passion for holistic living, mixed with a touch of creativity, good gourmet cooking and a sprinkle of mindfulness is what I have to offer. This is all yours for the taking. I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

Today, happy and healthy.

Today, happy and healthy.

In the comments below, please share what ONE thing that you struggle with most when it comes to your own health and wellness strategy. What would you like to learn to do better?