What does the moment say? It whispers: wake up. This time here is short. The mistaken mind that says we have all the time in the world but life can leave at anytime. Take the¬†opportunity that’s been given to breathe and pay attention right now.

We can plan and plot wishes, but what does that mean for this very moment that is slipping away with each breath?

Why are we here? What is the ultimate goal of human life? To descend the mountain of self and climb the mountain of other. To be a person of value. Is this always easy? No. Serving our own desires is what comes naturally, but where does this self-serving lead us in the end? Life is quick. Don’t waste any time.

Become like a beginner each morning.

Go outside and study a fallen leaf. Listen to your footsteps and feel your breath. These things are not finite. We will expire someday. Now’s the time to experience the moments that are slipping away with every breath. Abide in these gifts today.