Cynthia Morris helps people power up their creative talents so they can make things that matter. Founder of Original Impulse, a boutique coaching company, she runs online and in-person writing and creativity workshops.

Cynthia’s books include Create Your Writer’s Life; Leading Tours for Fun and Profit; The Graceful Return and the historical novel Chasing Sylvia Beach.

An avid artist, Cynthia shows the way to daily joy in her Capture the Wow workshops in the US and Europe. 
Cynthia blogs about creative productivity at

In making things, we make ourselves. 

–Cynthia Morris

Episode highlights:

  • Why it’s important to finish things- we get excited about the initial creative phase but don’t continue. In “making things we make ourselves.”
  • When we push against our creative limits that’s when we actually grow.
  • The “ah ha” moment that comes from finishing something helps to redefine and trust yourself.
  • Cynthia’s visual/art journal process – began as writing and morphed into a visual representation through illustration and collage.
  • Journal writing as a conduit – and how this became the catalyst for Cynthia’s Capture the Wow Workshops.
  • Using the journal as an “ally” – create the journey, which essentially becomes a personal “binder” for what we’re making and seeing.
  • 4 questions to ask yourself before writing your ebook.
  • Learn the power of mind mapping and how to create your own.
  • Devotion instead of discipline – discipline tends to force you to do something against your nature.
  • Forget the “oh, but that’s been done” trap.

Mentioned in this episode:

Cynthia relies on a morning stillness practice as a way to have a conversation with the divine on a daily basis. She draws inspiration from the book The Lotus and the Lily by Janet Conner, and is a student of the Open Heart Project with Susan Piver.

How to find Cynthia: – for her artwork and what she’s making – writing workshops– creativity workshops

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