In this solo episode, I talk about the power of nonresistance. What we resist persists and what we think about most of the time is our experience. From this perspective, it’s no surprise that we keep getting more of what we do not want.

If we’re willing to pay attention to the moments when we resist, we can use this internal data so we can prevent the cycle of repeating the behaviors that hold us back. The messages can often be subtle and hard to notice if we’re always in the way of ourselves. Our willingness to sit still in this time of epic distraction is the key to finding the answers we seek.


It’s our willingness to be naked and face our own truth, even when the ground falls from beneath us. If we’re always playing it safe, we’ll always run into resistance.

Episode highlights:

  • Allow the moment to tell you what’s next– pay attention to the data that’s right there in front of us.
  • How we’re in a time of epic distraction which makes it so much harder to listen to our own inner voice.
  • Why we need to get out of our own way and seek the messages in each moment so we can use them as meaningful data.

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Episode music credit: Macroform