Seneca so wisely advised, there’s no such thing as luck. This is good news because that means we’ve always had the choice to steer our own ship. Prepare, and things will happen. That’s the law.

In this short and sweet episode, I talk about preparation and how it sets you up for “luck” and things landing in your lap. There’s no such thing as an overnight success, but perhaps an overnight success is someone that was ten years in the making through continuous hard work.

Doing one thing, measuring those results, and then moving onto the next is a good path. I think you can see these examples with many successful people– they may seem like overnight successes, but that was not the case. They stayed on course and focused on one thing, and maybe in that one thing there were many facets, but they focused on one direct course with steel focus.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. 


Episode highlights:

  • When you prepare, there’s no way that “luck” will not strike.
  • The ball is in your court if you stay on track and don’t zig and zag.
  • With this mindset, you’ll see clearly that staying on course and heading in one direction is the most important factor.
  • When seeds are planted, you should have no doubt that luck is headed your way!

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