In this episode, I’m chatting with Aimee J., a software developer, podcaster, speaker, and Chief Dream Chaser on the Chasing Dreams podcast. Aimee began podcasting in 2013 and has launched multiple podcasts including Revisiting Haven, which discusses the TV show, Haven, and took her to Nova Scotia, Canada to interview the cast & crew on location.


Life is short. Wouldn’t you rather try and know that you did your very best, and fell short, rather than regret that you never gave chasing your dream a shot?

–Aimee J.

 Show highlights:

  • Aimee shares her how she got the podcasting bug, and how it led to a desire to help others chase their dreams.
  • The importance of accountability partners and finding a mentor or mastermind group.
  • How we met and became accountability partners through Podcasters’ Paradise
  • What happens when you reach your goals- what do you do next when you hit the plateau?
  • Aimee talks about why she started her podcast for dream chasers, Chasing Dreams.  
  • Aimee shares a peek inside her morning routine and why she focuses on exercise first.
  • Why planning the next morning ahead of time is the secret sauce to Aimee’s success.
  • Aimee stresses why it’s crucial to find that ONE thing that must get done before everything else.
  • Insights on how you can get motivated and start chasing your dream. 

Discussed in this episode:

Podcasters’ Paradise 

Sleep Cycle app for iPhone

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Evernote Essentials by Brett Kelly

How to find Aimee:

Web – ChasingDreamsHQ

Chasing Dreams Podcast –

Facebook: facebook/ChasingDreamsHQ



Episode music credit: 600 Light Years and I’m Still Here by Macroform