013 Meet Ayla Hedrick, Aspiring Ten-Year-Old Author and Morning Practitioner



Ayla_20154In this first of its kind episode, I chat with a very special guest. Her name is Ayla Hedrick, and she is a ten-year-old morning practitioner! This ambitious little girl is in the process of writing her first novel, and in order to stay consistent to her commitment to finish her book, she has made the decision to get up each morning an hour before she has to go to school in order to make her dream a reality. 

Ayla gives us an inside look into what she does each morning, and says that her routine helps her to be more focused, feel happy, and enjoy her day even more at home, with her friends, and at school.



Ayla’s example will ignite your excitement to get moving every morning on your own creative writing endeavor.



012 Raw & Unedited in San Diego


Capture the sacred first few hours of the day that serve as a conduit for creativity.

On a recent trip to San Diego, I experienced that morning “spark” after an exhilarating run. In this unscripted, off-the-cuff episode, I reflect on a variety of things from my love for cycling, morning routines, and producing spontaneous episodes on-the-go.

In the past few episodes, I’ve been talking about my desire to focus on getting back to my WHY in regards to this podcast and my reasons for starting it in the first place.

For those of you who have followed me since the early days when this podcast started, my mission was to use the early morning hours as a “conduit for creativity” to capture creative intentions during this sacred time each day. My mission is to get back to those kinds of episodes and to allow them to spontaneously emerge.