Take a Hard Look at Your Garbage

A world exists only for a mind that perceives it.


While studying German Philosopher Immanuel Kant back in a college philosophy class, I was introduced to the concept that our world is created by our minds, and what we perceive is a direct reflection of that. As a revolutionary thinker of his time, Kant argued that our experiences are in fact structured by our minds.


Opening Up the Shutters: Accepting and Embracing Imperfection

“IT” finally happened– my worst fear as an editor; a BIG ugly scarlet letter for all the world to see: a grammatical faux pas. No, this one was not buried in pages of copy, but rather smacked right on the top of my editorial letter page. I was quite proud of my current work, receiving raving compliments on the designs, a great cover and stellar content, but then the ugly email arrived…

I’m paraphrasing, but it kinda goes like this:

“What university did you attend? Your writing is atrocious! I’m seriously thinking of canceling my subscription to your magazine!”

Interesting that all of the quality writing and content that I provide in each issue was completely canceled out in this person’s mind from my misuse of ONE tiny word in the wrong place.

Roller Coaster of Emotions

As you can imagine, my heart sunk and I flipped immediately to the page in question, hoping she was wrong. To my dismay, there it was staring me in the face. I began to panic and then I started to sweat. All the pride I was enjoying about this new issue was shattered in one ugly instant.

The Teacher is Revealed

After a few hours had passed, I began to look at this situation a bit differently and see how limiting my thoughts had become. My mind started to change and I could begin to see the teacher. The feeling was a comforting one, it was as if the shutters of my mind were opened, the veil was lifted.

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon a blogger who intentionally places a typo or grammatical error in post every now and then as a testament to the necessity of embracing imperfection. Life is imperfect and things will not go our way and it’s better to embrace these moments with a balanced mind rather than ride the roller coaster of emotions. Yes, it is possible.

Developing a Balanced Mind in All Situations is Possible

I also began to realize with the help of my mindful practice what a teacher this experience has been to help shatter my pride and act as a mirror for perhaps my own judgment of others. To allow, not judge but rather accept and be OK when I mess up because at that point it’s water under the bridge. Why create negativity about something you have very little control over? Unrealistic emotions do nothing to help and only hinder. This example also strengthens my conviction to go for refuge to my mindfulness practice, and no matter what happens, my mind can remain balanced and at peace.