Crafting the DELICIOUS Life 

Business & Lifestyle Coaching for Creatives

If you’re ready to conquer the things that have been holding you back, then this program is for you. You must be ready to make the investment in yourself and are willing to do the hard work. You only get out of this program what YOU put into it.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

― Albert Einstein

Create a holistically-balanced life and business that converges creativity with mindful living.

With more than 15+ years in the yarn world as a designer, illustrator, editor and teacher I’m able to pay forward my experience through one-on-one with designers, yarn crafters and makers. 

As a business and lifestyle coach, I combine my unique background and passion for the needle arts with my education as a clinical nutritionist and certified nutritional consultant (CNC) to infuse a passion for making with a holistic approach to life and business that “knits together” creativity, body, mind and spirit.

How It Works

This coaching program is designed to blend life and business aspirations in one comprehensive holistic program tailored to help you identify realistic and measurable goals.

I will help you map out a 12-week strategy, focusing on 1-3 key areas that are most important to you. Through my guidance and support you will stay ninja-focused and accountable! 

We will meet face-to-face via a Zoom video call once per month for 60 minutes. After the call, I will provide motivation and tools to stay focused on reaching your chosen goals.

Are you ready to make magic happen in your creative life?

Sign up for a discovery session today to see if the program is right for you.

Once YOU determine your measurable goals – then the universe will conspire to make things happen for you!

The Details


The action plan

Before we begin working on your areas of focus, you must decide exactly what you want before we begin. Your goals should be practical, realistic, and achievable in a 3-month timeline. Taking baby steps in the direction of your goals will create a sense of confidence and achievement on your path!



This program will help you to:

  • Stay focused on what’s MOST IMPORTANT
  • Be accountable with your goals
  • Complete projects and see results
  • Use your time and resources wisely
  • Take small baby steps to reach BIG goals
  • Be more confident in your work

Plan details:

  • During the initial coaching session, we will focus on what you want and how to take action immedately!
  • We’ll figure out what’s holding you back and why it’s sabotaging your success
  • During or right after each face-to-face session, you will be expected to determine 3 major commitments that you will keep between each session
  • You will be expected to live up to your commitments and how you stayed accountable
  • After each session, you will be given homework exercises designed to help you with time management and goal setting

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

As your coach, this is what I can do for you …

 A coach offers support and years of knowledge in the area you are seeking their help with. A coach acts like a mirror to help you stay clear on your highest goals, and is a sounding board to ask questions and get honest, unbiased advice. A coach also addresses mindset issues such as limiting beliefs, fear and self-sabotage.

I’ll be your partner and help you determine your most important goals.

Let’s steer your ship to success!