Are you ready to make journal writing a daily habit?

The Challenge

When you subscribe to Insights you will receive your free Wisdom Workbook so you can take your own self-guided journey through daily journal writing. This Workbook will inspire you to distill down your thoughts and capture them in your journal each day.  

The Process

Writing in a journal at the start and end of each day is an effective way to increase your overall well-being and happiness and even just a few minutes can have a great impact. As you complete each Principle as outlined in the Wisdom Workbook, the exercises will help you remain mindful throughout the day as you gather ideas and inspiration.  

The Benefits

When you subscribe to Insights, you’ll gain instant access to the Wisdom Workbook. Additionally, when future Challenges begin you’ll recieve daily emails to help you stay on track every step of the way. You also have access to an active Facebook Group, especially created for participants of the Create Something Every Day Challenge Series. 

You’ll feel empowered to boldly express yourself, and you’ll enjoy making journal writing a habit every day!



Take your own self-guided Challenge and get your free Wisdom Workbook. Click the image above get instant access!

The Details


The Action Plan

I suggest purchasing a journal or sketch book specifically for the challenge. Make it really special! I love using Paperblanks and Moleskine journals, but the choice is yours of course. There’s no right or wrong way to do this! I like to keep a visual journal,  because I enjoy toggling between writing and creating collages about my day.



Set the Table

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  • Purchase a new writing journal, or sketch book.
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Create the written blueprint that is you.